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Less Win are about to prove us right again

Less Win - TRUST

When we first brought you the Danish punks Less Win we proclaimed them as ‘Your New Favourite Band’ something which was vindicated with every release following. The band now have their new LP out on Friday (24th June) via Big Oil Recording Co. and the album titled TRUST looks like it could make us feel even better about the aforementioned proclamation.

Yes, we are a little smug to be honest.

It’s easy to label bands these days. Really easy. There are so many different genre stamps to dip in red ink and forever categorise a sound, but although there are some obvious deep influences from more notable genres apparent in Less Win’s latest album it is also flecked with the nuance of rock and roll as a whole and beyond.

‘Rituals’ opens the album with a taste of this as sweet and sour as a bigot’s idea of Chinatown. Influences range from string quartets to the bloody monotony of everyday life and it shows in this raucous and ravaging opener. ‘Bury The Heart’ continues the post-punk sound splashed with wailing saxophone and the crystalline vocals which permeate this album.

‘Crucifix’ hits notes with a little more urgency and reminds us of the bands punk origins, pulling the pin and smiling as they kick grenade towards your feet Less Winknow what they’re doing and they’re loving it. While ‘Where You Lay Your Hands’ is a post-punk experiment. A melting pot of genre bending noise, with warped brass tones, driving bass guitar and swirling, sliding guitar riffs, “it’s about never knowing what to expect and just letting go and trusting your instincts,” bassist/vocalist Patrick Kociszewski explains. “The sea, or nature, can be seen as a symbol of the body. It can be both brutal and graceful at the same time. There’s a duality to it that I really find comforting,” he adds.

Recorded in Copenhagen fully analogue gave the band the opportunity to keep their raw DIY sound with the added bonus of a few more refined licks to set tongues wagging. This refinery lets the complexity of each track shine through what is an otherwise somewhat chaotic and riotous sound. It allows the veracity of the band’s ideals to be brought through the wall of sound and settle in the forefront of your brain.

“These songs are seared in feelings, and an elephant in the room,” Morilla says. “There’s a pendulum swinging between ambivalence, distrust, fragility, blame, guilt, disloyalty, misperceived innocence, claustrophobic emotions, and the disorderly inner eruption of all of these. They are quiet moments of realisation, and a finger I thought I could point at others. But in my silent epiphany, I found it only pointing towards myself. These songs are all connected,” he adds.

As the album ends with the notes of The Wedding Present ringing in your ears as the drunkenly playful ‘A Thought To Be More’ completes the LP we can’t help but have a little smile to ourselves. Less Win have a distinct sound like no other band.

Merging punk ethics with a dark tone they transcend post-punk with a multitude of different influences and genres all vying for attention and they do so in a cohesive and compelling way.

They have their own sound, and like we said before, they sound like your new favourite band.