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(Credit: Leon Bridges)


Leon Bridges - Lisa Sawyer


You know us here at Far Out, we have a penchant for mind-melting and unbelievably powerful alternative music. The kind that makes your teeth chatter and your Great Grandmother get her mojo back. But every so often, we get our groove back. So on this almost springlike morning we bring you Leon Bridges and his velvet vocals on ‘Lisa Sawyer’ and our Track of the Day.

With Sam Cooke inspired vocals drenched over tender lyrics and subtle and soft guitars, there’s little wonder why labels were clamoring for Leon Bridges‘ signature. After his first two releases ‘Better’ and ‘Coming Home’ melted so many there was always going to be a race for Bridges to put pen to paper – he suitably got a great deal and will release his Debut LP with Columbia Records.

‘Lisa Sawyer’ is just further proof that the initial feeling we all had about Bridges is slowly coming true. His incandescent ability to front humility with talent is becoming very addictive and as he drip feeds us slithers of sultry sixties pop it’s hard not to become a little be infatuated with the Texan.

With production being helped along by White Denim’s Austin Jenkins and Josh Block with the due date for release hitting around late summer 2015 (ah, perfect for the Autumn sun), We are all practicing our favourite soul steps and hoping to wake up in Louisiana sun amid sticky, smoking barbecues and the sweet sounds of Mr Bridges.

Jack Whatley