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(Credit: Bryan Ledgard)


Legendary folk and country artist Kris Kristofferson announces his retirement


After more than five decades as one of the most talented singer-songwriters of his generation, Kris Kristofferson announced his retirement from the music industry. A Grammy-award winning singer, Kristofferson transcended genre and rightly became a living legend.

The decision to retire actually came last year but was only brought to the public’s attention following a change of management of Kristofferson’s estate. Morris Higham Management has now taken control of Kristofferson’s dealings.

Kristofferson’s longtime manager Tamara Saviano gave up control of the singer’s estate. Now, Morris Higham, who also maintains the estates of Kenny Chesney, Roger Miller and Old Dominion, is in charge.

“In addition, in the wake of his father’s retirement in 2020,” the statement continued. “Kristofferson’s son John steps in to oversee all of the family’s business.” That means John Kristofferson will handle his business dealings and his record label KK Records.

Speaking to Variety, Saviano said that Kristofferson’s decision was an “organic” one and not a proclamation. “[Not] like ‘I’m retiring! I’m not doing this anymore!’” she said, “It was an evolution, and it just felt very organic.

“Kris is ageing; Kris is 84. It didn’t feel like such big news to us. That’s why there was no announcement: It was just sort of a slow changing of the guard thing.”

An actor, poet, songwriter and touring musician, Kristofferson has rarely taken his foot off the pedal, but now it appears his final performance was back in January 2020. That show saw a small tribute to the singer ensue with Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams and Shooter Jennings all performing.

Watch Kris Kristofferson’s final performance below.