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(Credit: Bob Jagendorf)


Robert Plant says Willie Nelson gives away weed for free from his tour bus

Robert Plant has been sharing stories from his illustrious career and, in his latest tale, has revealed that Willie Nelson gives away weed for free from inside his tour bus.

Weed smokers don’t get much more notorious than Willie Nelson, a man who has on plenty of occasions attributed it to his great health. Aged 87, Nelson has campaigned vigorously for the full-legalisation of cannabis in America and is even a co-chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) advisory board.

The musician has worked with NORML for years, promoting marijuana legalisation and after his arrest for possession of marijuana in 2010, Nelson created the TeaPot party under the motto ‘Tax it, regulate it and legalize it!’

Speaking on his own podcast Digging Deep, Plant spoke of touring with Nelson, saying: “The most cherished moment of my career was staying up for a couple of days. Not going home, just going to the next place. Finding that I was in transit forever.

“We were invited to play with Willie Nelson a couple of months ago and he was travelling through his tour with his big bus giving away weed to everybody.”

“He just gives it away. It’s a truckload from here to the … mirrorball and beyond. Free. With doors to go in, get your little hit and go out the other side,” Plant added on Nelson’s bus of delights.

Listen to the podcast, below.