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Lea Seydoux details “emotional” final day on James Bond set with Daniel Craig

Léa Seydoux has discussed the final day she spent on set with Daniel Craig, who has now bowed out after his last appearance as James Bond in No Time To Die. In an interview with NME, she said that she felt Craig had “created an amazing James Bond.”

Detailing further, the actor explained: “For me, he is the James Bond of my generation, so it felt a bit sad.”

In discussing her final moments shared with Craig on set, she said that although he can be “prudish and shy about his emotions”, she saw that this momentous experience was “quite something” for him. “I was very sad,” she continued. “I didn’t show it (at the time), but I cried.”

In other news, whilst the world is processing the news that Daniel Craig will no longer play James Bond, people are already speculating about who will replace him. Idris Elba and Phoebe Waller-Bridge have been touted, and even Ricky Gervais has put himself forward for the role.

Meanwhile, Ben Whishaw, who stars as Q in the franchise, revealed that he would love to see a gay actor play Bond.

He told Attitude: “Of course, I would like to see that.” He then explained that: “I really believe that we should be working towards a world where anyone can play anything and it would be really thrilling if it didn’t matter about someone’s sexuality to take on a role like this.”

He concluded: “I think that would be real progress. But we’ll see, we’ll just see where we’re at. I’m amazed by how much has changed in the last five or six years, so we’ll see.”

No Time To Die was released on September 30 and has been met by universal acclaim. It has smashed box office records, and its opening weekend saw the highest-grossing numbers in the franchise’s history.

Watch the trailer for No Time To Die below.