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(Credit: Lauran Hibberd)


Lauran Hibberd announces debut album 'Garageband Superstar'

Lauran Hibbert - 'Still Running (5K)' ft. DJ Lethal

English indie rocker Lauran Hibberd has returned to announce her debut LP Garage Superstar.

Speaking on the album’s title, Hibberd explains: “It’s named after the first track I wrote for this album, it made sense to me to call it this because I sometimes do feel like I’m famous when I’m in my bedroom and writing songs on Garageband. Also, I’m very aware that as soon as I leave that space, I’m just like everyone else. And I’m ok with that.”

Coming hot off the heels of her 2021 EP Goober, Hibberd continues her upstart hot streak by cranking out great guitar-heavy tracks. For her latest, Hibberd is leaning into the early 2000s tag that she’s often been pegged with by bringing in Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal to add scratches and sub-bass to Hibberd’s latest single, ‘Still Running (5K)’.

Centred around that feeling you get when it seems like everyone else is passing you by when you’re still in the same place you were six months, one year, or even ten years ago, ‘Still Running’ is a cheeky and twisted takedown of self-image, self-esteem, and self-importance, crafted with just the right amount of snark and sincerity to balance out the track in a way that Hibberd is quickly becoming an expert at.

“If ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy’ I obviously don’t want myself to be happy,” Hibberd drolly explains in a press release. “‘Still Running (5k)’ explores my self-destructive ideals. In a world where everyone’s life looks better online, and everyone’s thighs don’t touch except in real life, it explains what it feels like to start believing what you read. It’s dangerous to compare your life to others, and it’s somewhat humorous that this is what we let ourselves become. Being the first track off my debut album, with newer hip hop influences, but the same humour-coated stomach aches, I have managed to successfully write a song all about running on the premise that it has absolutely nothing to do with running.”

Situated somewhere between the sardonic bemusement of her fellow Isle of Wight upstarts Wet Leg and the more aggressive in-your-face attitude of Australia’s Amyl and the Sniffers, Hibberd is also bringing in the winking nostalgia of Beabadoobee and the righteous pop-punk of Beach Bunny. But ultimately, Hibberd is her own artist with her own sound – an infectious blend of indie rock, pop punk, and whatever else she might be feeling at the moment. It’s hard to tell exactly what Garageband Superstar is going to sound like, but it’s definitely going to be loud, witty, and fascinating to listen to.

Check out the audio for ‘Still Running (5K)’ down below.