Watch the surreal moment Laura Palmer actress Sheryl Lee breaks down 'Twin Peaks' as part of the 'I Love 1990' show
(Credit: YouTube)

Watch the surreal moment Laura Palmer actress Sheryl Lee reviews ‘Twin Peaks’ as part of the ‘I Love 1990’ show

Dipping back into the Far Out archives, we’re exploring the world of vintage television to keep us entertained during the extended lockdown.

After nailing a rewatch of Twin Peaks, we fell down a YouTube rabbit hole which ended up with Sherly Lee—the actress who famously played the role of Laura Palmer after being cast by David Lynch—running us through some her favourite moments of the year 1990.

Twin Peaks, released in the same year through ABC to mixed reviews, has gone on to earn cult status and become recognised as one of greatest television series of all time—and Lee’s character is the central figure of the murder mystery story.

As part of the show’s promo, Lee was recruited by I Love the ’90s, a popular television mini-series commissioned by the BBC with the aim of offering a deeper dive into the pop culture of the 1990s. The series, which arrived after the success of the focus on the 1970s and 1980s which came before it, housed each episode 60 minutes long.

However, in 1990 and with a very special guest booked in, the 1990 effort stretched into 90 minutes as Sheryl Lee ran through a selection of her highlights. Opening up with ‘Doin’ the Do’ by Betty Boo, Lee ran through sections of Twin Peaks before seamlessly discussing the likes of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, Goodfellas, The Simpsons, World Cup ’90 and Paul Gascoigne’s tears, Sinead O’Connor and plenty more.

Below, enjoy a breakdown of the Twin Peaks section of the show in all its glory.

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