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(Credit: Ronald Grant Archive / Alamy)


Laura Dern hints at new David Lynch project

Laura Dern has left David Lynch fans frothing at the mouth. In a new interview published yesterday (May 13th), the Blue Velvet star revealed that she went for a cappuccino with the iconic director and has suggested that fans have the right to be getting excited.

Dern told the interviewerWe are very in touch. He’s my family. I may have just enjoyed a cappuccino in his company. And he is never not making art. He is my great inspiration in life. And I think fans should expect more and more radical, boundary-less art from David Lynch. I know it will make my life better.

In addition to fans expecting a fluid piece of cinema from the Twin Peaks mastermind, Dern has her suspicions that Lynch is brewing something in the form of a motion picture. “Honestly, I think he considers me family and a confidant. I have no idea what it’s going to be. It’s not like I’m trying to hide it—he tells no one until he’s making it. It’s what I love about him, but I would say there’s a twinkle in his eye and he’s up to something radical and fantastic.”

Dern even confirmed that Lynch is at the point with his idea that he is already thinking about how he wants her to look: “He may have mentioned the fact that I won’t shave my head in our recent conversation … I don’t think he will stop until I’ve shaved my head.”

All this talk of an upcoming David Lynch film may only be rumours at the minute, but one thing is sure, if and when Lynch and Dern reunite, it will be hailed as a momentous occasion.

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