Laura Carbone - Stigmatized


As another weekend draws to a close, rather than rest up in preparation for another week in the rat race, it’s time for another unsigned artist to done the Far Out Unsigned Sunday slot… There’s no rest for wicked as they.

On this occasion we’ve gone for something a little bit extraordinary as ‘Stigmatized’ the solo jaunt by sultry songstress Laura Carbone, best known for fronting German electro-punk outfit ‘Deine Jugend’, isn’t a tune we’d usually go for but hey, it’s good to mix things up from time to time:

It could be those tantalizingly bluesy opening chords that demand initial attention before the rise of Carbone’s seductive vocal and vexed lyrics instigate further appeal, who knows? Yet before the chance to decide on either is offered, we’re cast into the midst of production techniques that give a tilt of the cap to the Hacienda era of House (admittedly slowed down/amphetamine bereft) and more industrial sounding dance music of yesteryear whilst, intermittently, that XX vibe threatens to break through it all… to incorporate all of the above into one and pull it off, I salute.

Though it’s a strange one this ‘Carbone affair’ as we shall call it today as musically there’s quite a lot to dig; the artist herself cites all from PJ Harvey to the Breeders as influences and in another effort uses Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind’ as a more than solid base yet,  as you’re free to discover, at points the vocal is borderline, well, dare I say overindulgent?

But who am I to stigmatize?