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(Credit: HBO)


Larry David reveals his hatred of Christmas in new essay


As perhaps the most cynical American comedian still working in the modern industry, it should come as little surprise that the Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David is not a fan of the festive Christmas period. So against the seasonal holiday of joy is David that he has detailed his dislike of Christmas with an essay that breaks down exactly what it is that makes his blood boil. 

Appearing in the digital newsletter, Air Mail from New York Times journalist Alessandra Stanley, the article titled A Very Larry David Christmas outlined the comedian’s fear of the “prospect of close social encounters with what seemed like hundreds of relatives”. The article then goes on to outline David’s unique position on the annual festivities which he describes as “an environmental disaster simultaneously taking place in living rooms across the country”.

The Seinfeld creator and Saturday Night Live star is well-known throughout America for his cynical take on modern life, with his show Curb Your Enthusiasm capitalizing on this very sentiment. Playing a somewhat sensationalised version of his own personality, the show follows the life and times of Larry David as he attempts to get along with friends and strangers alike. Co-starring the likes of Jeff Garlin, Ted Danson, Cheryl Hines and J.B. Smoove, the series has kept up its consistency for 11 long series and 21 years of production. 

Despite so much time passing since the start of the show in 2000, it seems Larry David still hasn’t mellowed out, continuing his tirade against Christmas in the essay. “There’s the loathsome music. The movies with their ridiculous, treacly sentiments. The presents—thinking about them, shopping for them (never without resentment), and the attendant pile of garbage,” whilst it may be a cynical point of view, we expect nor wish for anything less from Larry David.