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Lana Del Rey discusses US mass shootings: "It’s time to stop and ask why"


Lana Del Rey has spoken out about the recent growing number of mass shootings in America, discussing the regularity of recent attacks.

Del Rey, who shared her song ‘Looking For America’ immediately after two mass shootings, pleaded for change in her statement upon its release: “Now I know I’m not a politician and I’m not trying to be so excuse me for having an opinion but in light of all of the mass shootings and the back to back shootings in the last couple of days which really affected me on a cellular level I just wanted to post this video,” she said at the time.

The song was released immediately after 20 people were killed in a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Just hours later, in a separate and unrelated attack, a lone gunman entered a bar in Dayton, Ohio and killed nine people.

Now, sitting down with Annie Mac for an interview on BBC Radio 1, Del Rey was drawn into the “very upsetting” topic of conversation and admitted the growing fear that a shooting could take place in her hometown. “California and New York—I was between both states when that double mass shooting happened, when I released [‘Looking For America’],” she said of the recent shootings.

“People were very upset in a way that personally I have not heard my friends talk before. I mean [they were] crying: ‘Is it going to be next at our holiday parade?’ It was really scary because at that point it was a really large number of people who had been shot and it’s only August.”

Mac then posed the question that mass shootings are, in some aspects, becoming ‘normalised’ due to the regularity of the incidents occurring. “Especially now on my phone, when you wake up you’ve got your newsfeed right there,” Del Rey said in agreement. “You see it. You see the headline that there is a mass shooting in Kansas. You keep scrolling.

“It’s like it’s every few days. I think it’s time to stop and ask why.”

You can listen to the whole interview with Annie Mac, the conversation becomes via this link at the 1:05:20 mark.