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(Credit: Warner Bros.)

Lana and Lilly Wachowski are returning for the fourth ‘Matrix’ film


Lana and Lilly Wachowski will be returning to the fold for the fourth edition of The Matrix, director Chad Stahelski has claimed.

While no official information has been released by Warner Bros., the rumours of a new addition of The Matrix has been growing steadily for two years now with claims that Michael B. Jordan could be in contention for the leading role.

While first rumours of a new Matrix film began in 2017, we have yet to know wether or not the Wachowskis would be attached to it. The filmmaking duo, who have worked as a writing and directing team through most of their professional film careers, directed the original Matrix and its two sequels.

Now though, John Wick director Stahelski appears to have broke ranks and revealed some inside information. “I’m super happy that the Wachowskis are not just doing a Matrix, but they’re expanding what we all loved,” Stahelski told Yahoo Movies UK. “And if it’s anywhere near the level of what they’ve already done, it wouldn’t take more than a call to go, ‘Hey, we want you to be a stunt guy’ and I would probably go and get hit by a car.”

Stahelski did confirm that he was unsure if the duo would direct the new film, saying: “I’m not sure of the overall. I’m not sure if Lana is” but did confirm that they are involved in the process: “Yeah,” he said when asked if the Wachowskis are involved. “And if they wanted help, I would absolutely put down whatever I was doing to help them,” the director added.

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