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Lady Gaga opens up about how she learned to improvise

Ridley Scott made the news recently for being comically old when he blamed the failure of his recent film The Last Duel on millennials. However, he received some praise for his other project of 2021, House of Gucci, but even that was mostly chalked up to the brilliant performance of Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani instead of the director’s vision.

Lady Gaga has been building her acting portfolio with fantastic projects but to date, no other film has probably been as hard for her as House of Gucci. She opened up about the stress and anxiety which this film imposed on her and contributed to her intense process. She admitted that “anxiety, fatigue, trauma, exhaustion, commitment and love” formed a continuous cycle that sustained her.

“You wake up, you throw up, you go to set, throw up again,” Lady Gaga revealed after it was reported that she had been throwing up during the production process. That’s not all, she spent 18 months in character for this particular role: “I started to live in a way whereby anything that I looked at, anything that I touched, I started to take notice of where and when I could see money,” she added.

In a recent interview, Lady Gaga also opened up about the primary challenge that plagued her when she set out to become an actor – the art of improvisation. Improvising actually was really hard for me when I first started on A Star Is Born,” the artist noted. She found a fix to this problem by slapping herself out of it.

Lady Gaga elaborated while talking about how she taught herself to act, stating: “I know this sounds silly but literally after doing one take of one scene, where I couldn’t improvise, I just slapped myself out of my nerves and said, ‘You need to throw all the work away that you’ve done and you need to just be in the room and be in the circumstances. I learned very quickly.”

Check out the latest trailer for House of Gucci below, with the film set to be released worldwide on November 26.