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(Credit: Lady Bird)


Lady Bird release new single 'Factory Fool'


Kent punk rockers Lady Bird have released a brand new single, the thorny and aggressive ‘Factory Fool’.

Better than a cup of coffee, ‘Factory Fool’ was the first thing I listened to this morning as I plugged in. I forgot that my headphones were still at a high level from the night before, and the subsequent opening guitar squeals and tumbling drums were the sonic equivalents to a quick slap in the face. I went from drowsy to complete alert in seconds flat. If you tend to sleep through alarms, ‘Factory Fool’ could be the new solution.

‘Factory Fool’ is a surprisingly abstract song, incorporating different tempo and key changes as singer Don Rennols repeatedly bleats out “What the fuck is school?!” in the song’s chorus. Lady Bird excel at grabbing you by the throat and not letting you go for two and a half minutes, with ‘Factory Fool’ being just the most recent in an ever-growing list of examples.

“‘Factory Fool’ reminds us all of that sound,” the band explain in a press release. “The ringing of the school bell which tells us when to eat, when to speak, when to work, when to move to the next teacher’s classroom-whose script remains written by his master’s voice, the same as from state schools through to Eaton. Ding ding, back in the ring, toe to toe-walk the line…”

The new song also comes with the announcement that the trio are set to release their debut LP, WE. There’s no official release date for the album just yet, but we’re on the precipice of a full-length release containing some harried and snotty art-punk, which is always cause for celebration.

Check out the video for ‘Factory Fool’ down below.