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(Credit: Lady Bird)


Kent punk band Lady Bird share new song ‘Got Lucky’


Kent punks Lady Bird have returned with their latest single ‘Got Lucky’.

The band, made up of Don Rennols, Joe Walker and Alex Deadman, were formed in Tunbridge Wells in 2016 and released their debut album Social Potions two years later.

“We wrote ‘Got Lucky’ a year and a half ago when Sam had just got his voice back,” the band told So Young. “It was the first time Alex and I wrote just the two of us. When Sam heard us jamming to the riff he went: ‘You two turn that into a tune, I’m gonna write some grime bars’. He came back an hour later with all the vocals done and we stitched it all together.”

Lady Bird will be releasing their new EP which sees an attempt to blend their punk routes with that of elements of punk and rap. “Skepta and Stormzy’s first albums both really excited us while we were getting to know each other, and we’ve always wanted to draw on this influence. I think there’s a really natural parallel in the energy of punk and grime,” Walker explained further.

He added: “We’re blessed to be making music at a time when people are ready for blending genres.”

Speaking on a more general topic, lead singer Rennols said: “One of the reasons we play as a band is to try and propagate certain messages,” he previously explained in an interview with the Independent. “So, escaping vicious cycles is the basic theme of Social Potions [their debut EP] inspired by an amazing chap called Josei Toda who came up with a concept in the 1940s called Human Revolution. 

“It’s meaning is if you change something deep within your heart it will be reflected in your environment and the people around you and will subtly create change in the world.”

Lady Bird’s ‘Got Lucky’ is released through Girl Fight Records and is available to stream, above.