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(Photo Credit: Simon Fowler)

A selection of dreamy photos of a young Kylie Minogue


Kylie Minogue, the Australian pop princess herself, has enjoyed is recognised as the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time and an unrelenting hit maker.

Having gained recognition starring in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, Kylie went on to forge a prolific music career following her breakthrough in the late 1980s as she forged a new era of pop music. 14 studio albums later and Minogue is still pushing boundaries, her record breaking performance at Glastonbury Festival last year compounding the legacy she’s forged.

While her music has been the mainstay, her philanthropy and role as a fashion icon has helped dictate numerous different movements and, quite often, relentlessly reinventing her style to move with the times. We’re looking back to a time when the singer collaborated once again with close friend Simon Fowler, a photographer who has helped exhibit Kylie’s career in a series of different photoshoots.

In 1989, while writing and recording her second studio album Enjoy Yourself, Minogue went on a heavy promotional campaign of her bubblegum pop music and released a lead single ‘Never Too Late’ which came accompanied by a Pete Cornish-directed video. The visuals, which depicted Minogue in various different outfits with her dancers in front of various backdrops, was echoed by Fowler to create the artwork for the track.

“One of my driving forces apart from seeking to photograph the best acts of the day, was to also show how I had a much better feel for creating a far more empathetic image to accompany their music than high-end fashion photographers,” Simon explains about his method of work. 

He adds: “Until then they had traditionally been the vogue for the bigger name acts, but I knew I could communicate another kind of visual expressionism. Even more so with a lot of solo singers like Freddie Mercury, Boy George, Bryan Ferry, Paul Young, Mick Hucknell and a piano leaping Jamie Cullum, but especially the women.”

Below, enjoy a collection of Fowler’s collaboration with Kylie.

View more of Simon’s work on his official website or his official Instagram profile.