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Kurt Vile gets lost on 'Bottle It In'

'Bottle It In' - Kurt Vile

The 38-year-old Philadelphian Kurt Vile has a habit of getting lost in his own thoughts. But where he really loses us as an audience is where he finds himself and the listener finds his sound.

The latest offering from Kurt Vile is Bottle It In and in the title, one could feel that Vile is determined to keep his emotions inside and perhaps the audience staring at a seemingly blank vessel. But instead, what Bottle It In represents is the invitation to the inner working of Kurt Vile’s transcending and never-resting mind.

The latest LP is another journey back home, in the bleary-eyed morning, with a thick head and a guitar in Kurt’s hands, it feels folk-tinged and utterly veracious to Vile’s way of life. However, on this album, the journey home goes via the scenic route.

On tracks like ‘Bassackwards’, ‘Mutinies’ and ‘Cold Was The Wind’ Vile shows that he hasn’t lost any of his previous perspectives.

On ‘Mutinies’ he quite stubbornly and simply rejects technology and its effect on society amid a deeply textured and complex arrangement. With ‘Cold Was The Wind’ the ambling man continues to travel but in a far darker setting than usual. But it’s on ‘Bassackwards’ that we see what this album is really all about – it’s a journey, that’s for sure, but the destination is not only undefined and unknown but unwanted.

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On this record Vile is opening up the possibilities for his music. Pulling away from traditional singer/songwriter fodder, Kurt is clearly more focused on constantly shifting the focus. Lyrically he is experimenting across the board and musically he seems more confident than ever to take a step into the abyss and create huge, complex arrangements to dive off from.

Bottle It In is one of Vile’s better albums. It sees him working to the title, scribbling down a few obscure messages, lovingly placing them in an antique coca-cola bottle, plug it with songcraft and flung it into the choppy ocean, asking you to follow it. Wherever it may go.

So, without further ado, there’s the bottle go chase it.