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Kurt Cobain was thinking of going solo, according to Nirvana's manager


Danny Goldberg, the former manager of Nirvana, has claimed that Kurt Cobain was interested in working on solo material away from the band.

Goldberg, having just releases his new book on managing Nirvana, Serving the Servant, on the same date that marked 25 years since Cobain killed himself, has opened up about his close friendship with the frontman.

Talking about the months prior to Cobain’s death, Goldberg admitted that Cobain had personally asked him about the potential of being able to launch a solo career away from Nirvana.

At one point, Goldberg even suggests that Cobain was moving forward with his plans and had arranged a recording session with REM’s Michael Stipe. Such was his desire to work on projects away from the band, Cobain actually booked a plain ticket to visit Stipe but, in the end, failed to show up.

Sitting down in an interview with The Independent to discuss Cobain’s life, Goldberg admitted: “I think he [Cobain] would’ve found different ways of expressing himself, sometimes with the band and sometimes not.”

Elsewhere in the his new book, Goldberg details his final phone call with Cobain and details the somewhat heartbreaking final phone call he had with Cobain. Noticing that his depression was enormous, Goldberg was attempting to talk Cobain round into a more positive way of thinking. The Star published the following excerpt:

“Danny Goldberg comes across as honest, straightforward and caring in exposing his relationship with Cobain.

Take this anecdote, for example: “Katie (Goldberg’s 3-year-old daughter) wandered into the room while I was talking to him and said she had something she’d been meaning to tell him. I hoped that her voice would cheer him up so I put her on the phone. She talked to Kurt for a minute or two, informing him indignantly that Frances (Kurt and Courtney’s daughter) had pinched her the last time they were together.

She paused to listen to his response and then said, ‘Kurt, you sound a little grumpy. Don’t be grumpy!’ and said she loved him and handed the phone back to me. I told him I loved him again. Kurt and I said goodbye to each other and his despair sounded undiminished. I felt helpless. It was the last time we spoke.”

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