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Kult Country - Hanging Crown

Far Out Magazine’s Track of the Day this fine Wednesday is a bittersweet slice of reverb-drenched rock from Manchester’s now defunct, Kult Country.

The band unfortunately announced they had split a couple of months back now, but left us with this parting gift, ‘Hanging Crown’.

The song is an anthemic and unusually concise piece of psych-rock that is built on a foundation of fuzzed-out riffs and woozy feedback.

There are echoes of 90s shoegazers like Ride and My Bloody Valentine, with enough accessibility in the melody to burrow right into your brain from the off.

‘Hanging Crown’ follows previous single releases ‘Slowburn’ and ‘Trembling Moon’, which had Far Out practically salivating at the thought of their debut LP.

However, after recording stints with Sways Records and MJ from Hookworms (the latter was responsible for this track), we were hugely disappointed to discover that the real fruits of Kult Country’s labour will not be heard.

But nostalgia can never be put to bed and a shred of comfort can be found in this final piece of music that marks the dissolving of an enthralling six-piece who never truly got started.

Listen to Kult Country’s final track ‘Hanging Crown’ below via Soundcloud.