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(Credit: Andrea Raffin / Alamy)


Kristen Stewart once named her favourite band


Getting a tattoo of your favourite band is a right of passage for many a devoted superfan. Chances are you know someone who rocks a classic logo from a legendary artist, whether it’s the lightning bolt stealie that has become synonymous with the Grateful Dead or the four black bars that instantly identify you as a Black Flag devotee.

Celebrities aren’t immune to these permanent body art pledges either. Dave Grohl has two different tattoos of John Bonham’s three-ringed symbol from Led Zeppelin IV, while Lady Gaga has David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane-era persona tattooed on her ribcage. Halsey has a (now probably regrettable) Marilyn Manson portrait, while Post Malone has Kurt Cobain, Dimebag Darrell, and John Lennon all tattooed on his knuckles.

Sometimes more subtle ink is the way to go. That’s what actress Kristen Stewart opted for when she decided to pay tribute to the band that she named her favourite. Stewart didn’t go for some of the more basic choices like The Beatles or Nirvana either, like some of her tat-happy compatriots. Instead, Stewart hitched her wagon to American indie rockers Pinegrove.

“I have a Pinegrove tattoo,” Stewart revealed on the Charlie’s Angels press tour. “I love those guys. It’s my favourite band.” While Pinegrove are known for their interlocking squares design that adorns most of their album covers, Stewart instead went with a small ampersand on her left wrist, another common tattoo that the band’s fans get.

“I love that band so much,” Stewart told Sirius XM DJ Jess Cagle, commenting on one particular concert that she had seen pre-pandemic. “That show was incredible, and we stayed all the way back because I needed room to dance.” 

Check out Stewart talking about her Pinegrove fandom down below.