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Klaus Johann Grobe - Between The Buttons


As you may or may not know, the Far Out contingent likes to sample the musical delicacies of foreign shores in a somewhat vain effort to appear as cultured, civilized journalists, masking the abhorrent truth that really we’re just a bunch of writers that, having indulged a bit too much in the hedonistic side of life to gain any real qualifications and make something half decent of ourselves, have fallen back on the only thing we’ve ever known, music.

Yet the latest overseas band to help us keep up the charade are certainly no pretenders themselves, in fact they’re absolutely fucking brilliant, Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe with ‘Between The Buttons’ take our Track of the Day.

Signed to record label mavericks Trouble In Mind, Klaus Johann Grobe is the electronic infused brainchild of Sevi Landolt (keyboards) and Daniel Bachmann (percussion), two Swiss blokes that seemingly entwine their love for a wicked groove and a good time by projecting out tunes reminiscent of Booker T. & the M.G.s if organist, Booker T Jones, was on crystal meth. What’s great is that it’s one of those tracks where it doesn’t even matter one bit that, to most of us, the words are indecipherable.

Between The Buttons can be found on their fantastic debut L.P ‘Im Sinne Der Zeit’ released only a fortnight ago. Check it out.