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(Credit: Raph_PH)


Kiss bassist Gene Simmons is accepting cryptocurrency for house sale

Kiss vocalist Gene Simmons has announced that he will accept cryptocurrency as currency for his mansion in Las Vegas. It’s being sold for a reported $13.5million (£9.93million). The songwriting bassist says he will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Uniswap, Polkadot, Litecoin, Aave, Try or a combination of each to sell off his home. 

“I have been an outspoken proponent of cryptocurrency from the beginning,” the bassist said. “It is the future of money, and it just makes sense to offer interested parties the option of using cryptocurrency to purchase the estate”.

Simmons acquired the property in 2021 but now seems eager to sell it on. The property is said to be distinctive and modern, holding “unparalleled” artistic beauty and scenery. 

His Kiss bandmate, Paul Stanley, recently suggested that the group will be winding down and calling it a day. Stanley told Ultimate Classic Rock that the band will have disbanded by the beginning of 2023. And unlike some of the “farewell tours”, they embarked on in the past, the band feel like they are ready to slow down and take it easier. 

Stanley highlighted the physical demands of the shows as a reason for the band’s cessation. Stanley noted that he had performed in Austin under sweltering conditions, stuck inside a particularly tight outfit. Concluding, the guitarist says he wants to tour with a “smile” if it is at all possible for them. 

Stanley projects that the band will play their last show in New York, which is where the band played their earliest shows. Stanley and Simmons previously fronted Wicked Lester, before they formed Kiss and adopted their stage names. Stanley was born Stanley Eisen, and Simmons’ real name is Chaim Witz. 

Kiss released their first album in 1974 and enjoyed tremendous success during the remainder of the decade. What they added to their setlist were makeup and pyrotechnics. Pink Floyd mainstay Bob Ezrin produced their 1976 album Destroyer, which featured stadium anthems ‘Detroit Rock City’, ‘God of Thunder’ and ‘Shout It Out Loud’. The album featured what many consider to be the “definitive” lineup of the group, featuring Stanley on guitar, Simmons on bass, Ace Frehley on second guitar and Peter Criss on drums. 

This is a photo of the house Simmons is currently trying to sell.