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(Credit: King Gizzard)


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard share new song 'Straws in the Wind'

King Gizzard - 'Straws In The Wind'

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have shared the latest cut from their wild world in the form of the blissful ‘Straws in the Wind’ which offers a sense of reassuring sense of psychedelic infused calm from the Australian outfit.

There probably isn’t a more prolific band going than King Gizzard, the Australian outfit have released a remarkable 12 studio albums since 2012 and have very much opted for the quantity over quality approach. It’s impossible to know exactly what you’re about to embark on when you listening to new music the ever-evolving group and, sometimes does fail to land on the same meticulously high level. Take, for example, the band’s previous single ‘Some Of Us’—but ‘Straws in the Wind’ doesn’t miss the mark.

The new track is the first release from the band since the departure of their manager and second drummer Eric Moore, a pivotal figure who left the planet of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard in late August to focus predominantly on their record label.

‘Straws in the Wind’ does clock in at a lengthy five-minutes and forty-one seconds which, admittedly, could be trimmed down by at least a minute or even two in order to make it a more compact traditional psychedelic infused pop song but, then again King Gizzard, aren’t ones for following by the rule book.

Keyboardist Ambrose Kenny-Smith takes up the vocals on the track, he delivers a beautiful performance which gives the track a lovely ’60s feel to it which provides a feeling of comfort and is certainly one of the band’s more tender offerings. “Straws in the wind. Is it all ending?” He sings warm-heartedly. “Like a blunder brewing full to the brim. I can hear hells kitchen and they’re singing hymns.”

‘Straws in the Wind’ is a lovely dosage of ’60s nostalgia and anything featuring a sitar makes it a lovely listen but there is still that overriding sense that if they trimmed some of the excess fat from the track then they’d be on to a winner.