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(Credit: Pixabay)


Kid Rock fans riot in North Dakota after show cancellation

Kid Rock fans don’t take show cancellations lightly. Following the musician’s decision to cancel his performance at the North Dakota State Fair due to a storm, the crowd started a riot inside the concert venue.

The 18,000-strong crowd trashed the venue after a sheriff’s department officer confirmed the cancellation at short notice. One fan attempted to storm the stage, with another being led away in handcuffs by police.

Kid Rock took to Twitter to declare that he was “SO P***ED OFF” about being unable to perform, encouraging concertgoers to “be safe” while leaving the venue and to “take care of each other”. Clearly, the message didn’t sink in for some.

After enjoying a near-two-hour performance by opening act Night Ranger, fans awaited Kid Rock’s arrival. Although expected to show up around 9.30pm, a storm brewing on the outskirts of Minot, North Dakota, meant that the performance was repeatedly pushed back.

At 11pm, an officer from the Sheriff’s Department took to the stage to announce the show was cancelled. At the same time, The North Dakota State Fair issued a statement telling attendees the show was cancelled “due to safety concerns of the high winds, lightning, and severe weather in the area.” Upset by the news, fans began to riot, throwing beer cans and other rubbish at officials and rampaging around the venue.

Footage from the concert venue, which you can watch below, shows a large crowd gathered in front of the stage where Kid Rock was supposed to perform for a huge crowd. The venue has said that it will offer full refunds to all ticket holders.