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(Credit: Pixabay)


Kid Rock allegedly advised Donald Trump on US foreign policy


Conservative rocker Kid Rock has alleged that former US President Donald Trump asked for his advice about America’s policy on North Korea and Islamic State (IS). The singer and rapper, who was one of Trump’s most vocal supporters during his presidential campaign, has claimed that he asked for help writing tweets after the fall of IS in 2019.

Speaking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a recent interview, the musician claimed that he was with Trump when the terrorist organisation fell. “I was there with [Trump] one day when he ended the caliphate,” he said.

Rock – real name Robert Ritchie – continued: “He wanted to put out a tweet…I don’t like to speak out of school. I hope I’m not. But…the tweet was, and I’m paraphrasing, but it’s like, you know, ‘If you ever joined the caliphate, you know, trying to do this, you’re going to be dead.'”

According to Ritchie, Trump asked for his help wording tweets: “He goes, ‘What do you think?’ [I said] ‘Awesome. I can’t add any better.’ But then it comes out and it’s…reworded and more political, to look politically correct. And just, ‘be afraid’.”

He went on to imply that the former president allowed him unlimited access to government plans. He and Trump were once “looking at maps. I’m like, you know, like, ‘Am I supposed to be in on this shit?’ Like I make dirty records sometimes. I do.”

According to Rock, Trump asked: “‘What do you think we should do about North Korea?’ to which he replied:” ‘What? I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this.'” Rock continued supporting Trump throughout his presidency. A year after the musician was asked to offer advice on US foreign policy, he attended a presidential debate between Donald Trump and current US President Joe Boden as Trump’s guest.