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(Credit: Emma Tillman)

Listen: Khalid drops ‘Heaven’, the song Father John Misty wrote for him


Khalid’s album Free Spirit may have dropped yesterday with all the smoothness of a figurative cigar in a 90s cigar bar… It’s a good album, trust us. One of the standouts of the album was ‘Heaven’ the song Khalid revealed was written for him by Father John Misty.

The revelation came as part of Khalid’s appearance on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show Khalid called FJM offering him the song, a “Cinderella moment.” He continued “I would never pass on singing a Father John Misty song and putting that on my album ever, if Father John Misty is like, ‘Yo, here, look here’s this song, you want to sing it?’ I’m like, ‘Hell yeah I want to sing that.’”

“One, he inspires me so much, so I feel like his voice, or my voice at least, is not too far off from his, because that’s a voice that I grew up with, and I sat with, and I lived with. I love that I got to take a song that he wrote and interpret it in the way that it makes me feel. I love that when I listen to it, I hear him on it. For me, that’s a present, that’s a gift. How many people do you know out there who can say that they’ve sang a song that Father John Misty has wrote? The fact that he looks to me and he’s like, “You’re going to do this song justice, and you’re going to sing this song the way that it should be sang.” Amazing.”

Now we can have a spin of the song it feels as angelic as we’d hoped. Full of smooth grooves and touching lyricism the song is a stand out from the album Free Spirit.

Listen to ‘Heaven’ below.