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(Credit Tame Impala)


Kevin Parker reveals he wants to write "catchy, sugary pop" songs in the future


Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker has revealed in a new interview that he wants to keep on writing “catchy, sugary pop” songs and that he sees songwriting icon, Max Martin as an inspiration.

In the interview with Billboard, conducted in support of Tame Impala’s new record The Slow Rush, Parker expressed his joy at having worked with some of the pop world’s brightest stars and his intent to keep doing so.

Having worked with Mark Ronson, Camilla Cabello and Lady Gaga already, Parker is looking to the future and using Swedish songwriter Max Martin as an inspirational figure.

“It’s the yin to the yang of psychedelic rock — writing a catchy, sugary pop song that’s like, three minutes long. I want to be a Max Martin,” he remarked. “I’ve only scratched the surface with [his collaborations].”

The iconic Martin has a whopping 22 number one singles under his belt with Britney Spears’ ‘…Baby One More Time’ and The Backstreet Boys‘ ‘I Want It That Way’ two of the pop world’s finest. The maestro holds the record for the most ASCAP Record of the Year awards with eleven.

It’s something we will likely not see on upcoming record The Slow Rush which has so far seen Parker take the band back to its trippy roots.