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(Credit: Piti Suárez)


Kevin Morby shares new single 'Rock Bottom'

Kevin Morby - 'Rock Bottom'

American indie rocker Kevin Morby has shared the second single from his upcoming album This Is a Photograph, the lo-fi and groovy ‘Rock Bottom’.

“I wrote this song loosely based on the late James Lee Lindsey Jr. after passing a mural of him in downtown Memphis during a writing session and falling into a rabbit hole and revisiting his incredible body of work,” Morby explained on his social media pages. “‘Rock Bottom’ could be about him or it could be about any of the countless influential souls who were before their time and rose from up from the bottom to the top too quickly, fading away young and never quite getting their due.”

With waves of wonky sound effects and enough cowbell to make Will Ferrell blush, ‘Rock Bottom’ is about as straightforward and funky as Morby has ever gotten on record. While he can easily swing from introspective folk to alternative rock, Morby is as loose and freewheeling as he’s ever been here. Complete with catchy hooks and fuzzy guitar lines, ‘Rock Bottom’ is an intoxicating track that pulls Morby back into the centre of the indie rock world.

Other than Lindsey, better known by his stage name Jay Reatard, Morby also took inspiration from another source: the original 1976 film version of Stephen King‘s Carrie. “I also happened to watch Carrie for the first time around this time period (it was late October after all) and found myself repeating the iconic line—they’re all gonna laugh at you—over and over again.”

“I was however listening to a lot of Blood Visions and Grown Up, Fucked Up while writing and recording this song,” Morby adds, “and had read in an old interview that Lindsey’s stage name, Jay Reatard, was worn as a badge of honor after being made fun of in grade school which may or may not be why his seminal album Blood Visions features him on the cover, covered in blood, an obvious nod to Sissy Spacek’s character in Carrie.

Check out the video for ‘Rock Bottom’ down below. This Is a Photograph is set for a May 13th release.