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(Credit: Kevin Morby)


Kevin Morby announces a four-track demo version of his album 'Sundowner'


Kevin Morby has announced a new four-track demo version of his 2020 album Sundowner. The new record, A Night at the Little Los Angeles, will be released via Dead Oceans on October 8th.

A Night at the Little Los Angeles was recorded in the shed behind Morby’s home, a building he has nicknamed the ‘Little Los Angeles’. The recordings were made on a rudimentary four-track recorder during the summer and winter of 2017 and 2018. Although at that time they were only sketches, the tracks would go on to become Sundowner.

Discussing the making of the record in a press release, Morby wrote: “When I later went into a proper studio to make what would become Sundowner, my goal was to capture the essence of these initial recordings, and here you will now have access to the very essence I was chasing,”

Morby went on to say: “Many of my favorite recordings have been made inside of an artist’s home with little to no regard of the outside world, but instead deep in their own that they are building in real time. And with that—I’d like to invite you into my own little world here and now and ask you to please step inside and spend A Night at the Little Los Angeles.”

And what a home to be invited into. The shed – known as the ‘Little Los Angeles’ – is everything you’d expect from a musician with a taste for American rock history. Morby’s guitars, a Danelectro 59 and a Fender Mustang share space on the wall behind the drum kit, where a life-size cardboard cut-out of Elvis Presley also resides. The makeshift studio also features a salvaged 80-year old pump organ that Morby picked up from an antique store. He would later call the instrument Sundowner’s “secret weapon.”

Morby has already released the four-track demo for ‘Campfire‘, which you can listen to below.