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(Credit: SAG Indie)


Kevin Bacon joins new John Logan LGBTQIA+ Empowerment movie

American actor Kevin Bacon is known for his work on beloved classics such as Footloose as well as sci-fi gems like Hollow Man. Last year, Bacon worked on a Blumhouse horror project titled You Should Have Left alongside Amanda Seyfried, which received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. While talking about the film, Bacon explained that it was intended to be a critique of patriarchy.

“Men are all about power,” he said. “We think about it all the time – in sports, in the office, or when it comes to money or the horsepower of our cars. The film explores what happens when those powers start to slip away… We didn’t set out to make a movie that comments on #MeToo or what’s going on in society at that moment but it did dovetail nicely into a lot of stuff that was happening.”

Bacon is currently set to join yet another Blumhouse horror film which will be celebrated writer John Logan’s directorial debut. Although there is no working title yet, it is confirmed that it will be structured as a LGBTQIA+ Empowerment horror flick and will be set inside a gay conversion camp with Theo Germaine in the starring role.

“I’d love to work with Jordan,” Bacon revealed. “Get Out really upped the game. Besides being a massive hit, it was horror that existed on three different levels. One was scary. Second was funny. And the new, really groundbreaking part of it was the social commentary. And other movies like HereditaryThe Lighthouse and Midsommar… they’re elevating the genre too.”

With an increasing involvement in the world of horror, Bacon is also looking to enter the landscape of contemporary superhero films: “I haven’t had many chances to work in the Marvel universe or even the comic book world… I love that franchise and would love to be a part of it.” The actor is looking to reunite with James Gunn, having previously worked with him on a cult classic called Super.