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Four new Blumhouse horror films coming to Amazon

There is no bigger horror production company than Blumhouse, the brain wave of producer Jason Blum that is now responsible for some of the genre’s most high-profile releases, from Paranormal Activity to Halloween

In 2020, they attempted a unique project with Amazon Prime, releasing four original horror films over the course of two weeks in October, films that included The Lie, Black Box, Evil Eye and Nocturne. Certainly an exercise of quantity over quality, each of the four films failed to make a considerable impact critically.

One year later, however, and they’re trying again with Blumhouse and Amazon Prime announcing a further collaboration under the project name, Welcome To The Blumhouse, with another four new films on the way.

Produced, as per usual, by Blumhouse Television and Amazon Studios, the films will feature a majority of female directors and will be available to stream later this year in October. The launch of the brand new Blumhouse films will begin with Bingo Hell and Black as Night, launching on October 1, followed by Madres and The Manor on October 8.

Bingo Hell, directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero, looks to follow a group of senior citizens vowing to save their bingo hall from an evil entity that’s taken over, whilst Black as Night is a vampire flick directed by Maritte Lee Go that sees a girl battling blood-sucking ancient evil across New Orleans.

Directed by Ryan Zaragoza, Madres follows a Mexican-American couple who experience terrifying visions when they move to a migrant farming community, The Manor, on the other hand, follows a woman who moves into an old nursing home and becomes convinced of supernatural evil and is directed by Axelle Carolyn. 

With not much more than the basic plot of the films available as of yet, check out the brand new poster for the Blumhouse and Amazon collaboration below.