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(Credit: David Cole / Alamy)


When Keith Richards insulted Mick Jagger's manhood

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the dynamic duo and members of The Rolling Stones, appear to have a love-hate relationship when it comes to their personal and professional lives. The running joke, as it goes, is that Keith Richards is not a happy person when it comes to Mick Jagger. While both of them have come up with some of the finest creations in musical history, both as singers and songwriters, their friendly teasing has not failed to catch the media’s attention either.

As it happens, with every other celebrity who has been under the limelight for too long, the private and the public seem to merge in a confusing mix. It becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the fine line between what one would call the right place and the right time from the wrong place and wrong time, and Keith and Mick are no exception.

Richards has never held back on his comments when it came to his closest collaborator Mick Jagger. Whether it be about, what he calls, Mick’s “lead singer syndrome” or that time Mick Jagger was honoured with knighthood and Richards criticised him for accepting it.

One such amusing, if not highly entertaining, story about the Richards-Jagger duo was the time when Richards joked about the size of Mick Jagger’s manhood. In his autobiography, Life, published in 2010, Richards wrote, “Marianne Faithfull had no fun with his tiny todger. I know he’s got an enormous pair of balls- but it doesn’t quite fill the gap.”

Jagger was clearly not pleased with this comment, and he made Richards publicly apologise as a prerequisite for the band ever to tour again. Keith did apologise, but it seems his appetite for mocking Mick was not satiated, as he revealed his nickname for Mick’s manhood being “Your Majesty” or “Brenda”.

Keith adds how his songwriting partner had started to become unbearable in the early 1980s. He says, “I think Mick thinks I belong to him but I haven’t been to his dressing room in 20 years.” Richards also claims that Jagger was jealous of him having other male friends. “I love the man dearly- I’m still his mate- but he makes it very difficult to be his friend.” And while things have evidently been rough between the two ever since, they eventually made up and kicked off their ’50 & Counting’ tour in 2012.

So, to our readers, what exactly did we learn from this story? The squabbling nature of two of the most popular rock musicians and how irrelevant it is? Or how ridiculing a man for his “tiny todger” is something that is apparently funny and not unduly problematic? Guess we’ll never know.