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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Keanu Reeves wants to play Batman in a live-action film

Action hero and revitalised Hollywood star Keanu Reeves has voiced his interest in playing the dark D.C superhero flagbearer, Batman, in the near future. 

In conversation at the premiere of DC League of Super-Pets, the new animated movie in which he voices the caped crusader in a supporting role, Reeves told Extra that he had long dreamt of playing the D.C character on the big screen. 

“It’s always been a … it’s been a dream,” the actor stated in reference to being cast as a live-action Batman, before going on to admit that Robert Pattinson is doing an “awesome job” as the character at the moment, having only recently shown off his ability in the role as recently as March 2022.

Elaborating, Reeves adds, “Pattinson’s got Batman right now, and he’s doing awesome,” though did establish his interest in taking the character off his hands in the future, “Maybe down the road. Maybe when they need an older Batman”.

Currently featuring in the D.C animated movies Super-Pets, Reeves stars alongside such names as Dwayne Johnson, John Krasinski, Kevin Hart, Olivia Wilde, John Krasinski and Kate McKinnon. Diverting from their gothic take on classic superheroes, this new movie follows Krypto the Super-Dog, the trusty feline friend of Superman, who must step in to save the day when the man from Krypton.

Take a look at the interview between Reeves and Extra, below, where the actor reveals his fondness for the iconic role of Batman.