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Katy J Pearson continues golden run with new single ‘Float’

Katy J Pearson - 'Float'

Katy J Pearson peels back your curtains like an unruly Mary Poppins-esque tenant once more with another blast of hip-shifting sunshine with her latest single ‘Float’. As ever with the Bristolian songwriter, there is also a sting to that floating butterfly as she gears up for the release of her second album in style. 

The moody atmospheric ambience of a midnight creeper intro makes way for the strum of a country-inflected guitar before the welter of sound heads towards perfectly composed indie-pop. And by the mid-point, you are convinced once more that nobody is crafting melodies with the same seamless ease of sliding into slippers the way that Pearson is at the moment.

Fittingly stationed on her forthcoming album Sound of the Morning, that curtain-peeling pastiche is a considered one. There are plenty of indie and post-punk stars pointing a finger at the times, but Pearson offers up some sanguine Friday morning optimism with her beauteous anthems, which are not without their own sense of cognizance either. 

The track sees her team up with other emerging stars as Black Midi’s Morgan Simpson on drums, Pet Shimmers frontman Oliver Wilde taking a co-writing credit for the song. Speaking about the collaborative effort, Pearson commented: “I wrote this track with Oliver Wilde, a founding member of the excellent Pet Shimmers – he’s been at the centre of the Bristol music community for several years.”

Adding: “For the new album, I wanted to collaborate with some of my peers that I admire, so I jammed with Oli for a few weeks – he’d come round with his laptop and interface and we’d write songs together.”

Continuing: “’Float’ is one of the tracks that came out of those writing sessions and as soon as we wrote it I knew that it had to be on the record; it was one of my favourites to write and I love it. It has such an atmosphere and I think you can really feel the emotion and pain of the song; it’s about life experiences and all the things that lead up to certain moments.”

There is a palpable sense of the joy of creativity in the track itself as it waxes and wanes around a theme without ever drifting too far from the evident flow of the melody. As Pearson concludes: “It’s quite nostalgic and given the past two years we have had, references wondering about when things will become more stable again.”

Sound of the Morning is due out via Heavenly Recordings on July 8th, and if it comes close to her utterly masterful debut Return, as the singles so far suggest, then we’ll all have another summer soundtrack to revel in. You can check out ‘Float’ below. 

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