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Katy J Pearson shares new single 'Alligator' with video starring Paul McGann


Katy J Pearson has time and again proven herself to be among those leading the indie revolution. As she continues to release songs off her upcoming album, Sound of the Morning, the latest new single ‘Alligator’ is yet another brilliant effort in that direction.

Following the two other recent singles off the album, ‘Talk Over Town’ and ‘Game Of Cards’, the record is shaping up to be a fun and well-rounded addition to her body of work. 

Her new single dropped with a full video in tow, featuring Paul McGann of Doctor Who, The Three Musketeers, and Luther, directed by Edie Lawrence. Her new album, which is forthcoming in July, will be her sophomore record.

Of the new single, Pearson said, “I wrote this track with Dan Carey at his Streatham studio. The day we did so I was having the worst morning ever; I was really stressed as I had a £500 electric bill that I had to pay. I burst into tears at the studio and from that feeling, the song just surfaced from all my anxieties. The lyrics are quite literal and were born from the idea of dissociation when experiencing anxiety. The chorus note ‘it felt just like a dream, and it keeps on happening’ refers to when you are really stressed, things just don’t seem real. There is this juxtaposition between the lyrics and the soaring chorus which is quite euphoric – it’s quite tongue in cheek and I like that about it. Dan played the bass on this track and Yuri from the band Honeyglaze played drums which really gives the track some gusto!”

Of the album as a whole, she expressed, “I want people to feel things with my music, but I don’t want to cause my listener too much trauma. Counselling is expensive, so you’ve got to pick your battles.”

If you want to feel things just enough with Katy J Pearson’s new single ‘Alligator’, you can find it down below, along with the new music video. Her album comes out on July 8th.