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Katy J Pearson on the resurgence of her idol Kate Bush

Whether it’s her record-breaking statistics, how much it’s been earning her, or what the kids have been saying about it, thanks to Stranger Things, Kate Bush has certainly been hitting a lot of headlines of late. 

While most of us would agree that this is a well-deserved Indian summer of influence and it’s a wonderful thing that kids are continually being exposed to her brilliance, there has been an undercurrent of cynical snobbishness to some of it. 

When we recently spoke to the magnificent Katy J Pearson – a bombastic emerging talent who continues in the same effortless extolling of spiritual beauty – it was this undercurrent that she was quick to condemn when commenting on her hero’s resurgence. 

“Yeah, I really get frustrated when older people want to gatekeep something. I think it’s great that the younger generation are discovering these things,” she explained in a much more cheery fashion than it seems written down. 

Continuing: “It’s just like how I discovered Crosby, Stills & Nash and Judee Sill, and if all the older people are gatekeeping saying ‘This is our thing’ where would you get your inspiration from? When they are slagging the young people off, I just think, ‘Oh fuck off!’ Let them discover it where they discover it.”

Bush herself shares in this joy, having given a rare recent interview saying how gladdened she is to be part of such a triumphant show with a positive message for the youth of today. As Pearson concludes: “Bloody good for her. She is truly just the best.”

And on that note, a Kate Bush cover by Katy J Pearson? Now there’s a wonderful thought… And you can read our full interview with Katy J Pearson later today ahead of the release of her new album Sound of the Morning.

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