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(Credit: YouTube)


Hear Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights' as a 36-minute long masterpiece


Kate Bush is a unique figure in music. Her songs and her vision for what pop should sound like in the late seventies not only marked her out as a once in a generation talent but also gave her free reign to enact her holistic artistic pursuit as she saw fit. We’re thankful it did because, with the emboldening moment of her debut song ‘Wuthering Heights’ not only going to number one but confirming Bush as the first female to write and record a chart-topping hit, KB was able to create a canon of work unlike any other.

Still, even for Kate Bush, the below version of ‘Wuthering Heights’ may have seemed a little far-fetched. The singer’s iconic debut has been slowed down and stretched out from the original four minutes and 28 seconds to a whopping 36 minutes. As you might imagine, it frames the track in a whole new light and somehow, despite the gross extension of the material, works as a singular piece. In fact, it could the new piece of ASMR gold you never knew you needed.

During the summer of 1977, as the city around her burned with the fires of punk, Kate Bush was busy writing songs about 19th century Emily Bronte novel. It’s quite the stark comparison and acts as a reminder of just how unique Bush was and still is. Released on her debut album The Kick Inside the track still ranks today as one of the finest the musician ever created.

A lot of what makes ‘Wuthering Heights’ such a captivating song is Bush’s imposing vocal showing, reaching heights and depths that would make most vocal ranges run for the hills and her captivating narrative lyrics. Throughout the song, Bush tells the story of Bronte’s character Catherine Earnshaw willing Heathcliffe to open the window and let her in. The song works as a vignette of the book and provides a definitive story to follow. Of course, in the below clip, both of these facets are wiped away.

Instead, we are left with the very essence of the music. The notes on the page stretched and elongated to breaking point. While it doesn’t quite match the original for impact, there’s a transcendent allure of this piece which makes it utterly captivating whether you’re looking for some study music or indeed something to help you nod off, the imposing sound of Kate Bush’s debut provided in this format is sure to enrich your day.

Despite its unique viewpoint, many artists have attempted to take on Bush’s song before. Whether it is the metal band Angra, who gave their own riff-tastic version of the song or indeed the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who have also had a crack at the iconic tune, never has ‘Wuthering Heights’ sounded so different but so brilliant. It is entrancing and captivating at every turn while also given you a clear ladder of escapism to run away from 2020 for a moment or two.

So, why not kick back, stick Kate Bush’s 36-minute long ‘Wuthering Heights’ masterpiece and let your mind float off for a little while.