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Kate Bush once revealed the ‘Wuthering Heights' lyrics in a handwritten letter to a young fan


When Kate Bush released her debut song ‘Wuthering Heights’ in 1978, it was unlike any pop song ever written before. Deeply entrenched in literary lyrics, the song propelled Bush into stardom and saw her become the first female to ever top the charts with a song she had both performed and written.

As a number one, Bush was quickly invited to perform the track on the British television show and musical stalwart, BBC’s Top of the Pops. It was there that a young fan by the name of David fell in love with the artist and, more importantly, became fascinated with the song’s lyrics. Without the internet and with Bush still early in her career (not yet acquiring her avid fan club), there were no lyrics sheets to be found. He had only one option—write to EMI directly.

Writing letters can feel like a pretty formal thing to do these days but record companies, especially huge ones, would receive hundreds of similar letters every day. It leads us to think that this one may have been one of the first Bush ever received. As such she not only sent a signed photograph but a touching letter and the handwritten lyrics to the classic song.

Speaking to Huffington Post when putting the letter up for auction in 2014, David wrote: “In 1978 I was 14 years old when Kate Bush released ‘Wuthering Heights’. At the time, the song was the most extraordinary thing I had ever heard and I was utterly mesmerised by her performance when she appeared on Top of the Pops”

“I was in love with the song so I wrote to EMI Records for the lyrics,” he continued. “Much to my amazement a few weeks later I received a reply from the lady herself. She had not only hand written all the lyrics for me, but also included a letter and a signed photograph of herself – an image that, at the time, was this teenage boy’s dream and made me the envy of all my friends!”

You can see the signed photo below. While to receive the photo may have been a dream come true, the lyrics being handwritten and also likely the only copy of the lyrics around at the time must’ve thrilled the teenager. You can see the lyrics written out below with the transcript of Bush’s response.

The letter also showed a careful touch as Bush wrote:

“Dear David,

Thank you very much for writing to me – I’m thrilled that you want to know the words of my single, it’s no trouble to write them for you + it certainly won’t cost you!

I’m glad you’ve read the book, I think it is so beautiful. I hope you enjoy the album. Best of luck with all that you’re doing.

God Bless, love Kate Bush xxx.”