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Credit: EMI


This version of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' is guaranteed to help you sleep


We’re bringing this brilliant version of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ not to take over the dancefloor but to keep you in the land of nod.

Take a moment to look up from your phone and have a quick scan of the faces around you. We’re betting that half of them look tired. As the constant demand of modern life continues to seep into everything we do, sleep is becoming more and more vital.

We all do it, we all keep our phones two inches from our faces, directly beaming information into our brains, right up until the millisecond before we decide to try and fall asleep. This fact, plus the increase in stress, expectation and demand that modern society has provided for us in abundance, means that everyone is struggling to sleep.

It has seen a rise in people across the world looking for ways to fall asleep and stay asleep. Experts would suggest getting yourself into an evening routine that increases the amount of chamomile tea you intake and decreases the electronics you use. Instead, people prefer to use apps. They all have soft sounding names like Slumber, Calm and Headspace, and there are hundreds of them.

So if you’re struggling to catch some ZZZs then there are a host of apps out there ready to help you sleep like a baby. While many of the apps, will offer sleep maps and other analytics of your nighttime routine, their most prevalent feature, is that they all play sounds to make you sleep.

These sleep sounds range from traditional bedtime stories to that pickle-munching ASMR you’ve all heard about. But while you can pick from some famous celebrities to read you a bedtime story we think we’ve found the best of both worlds.

Below you will find Kate Bush’s song ‘Running Up That Hill’ but not as you know it. This track has been slowed down 800 times by YouTube user Spare Change and because of it becomes the ultimate sleep aid for any music fan.

The song released originally in 1985, landed as the confirmation of Kate Bush’s genius and saw the singer contemplate the very essence of humanity all encapsulated within a chart-topping pop tune. But when you slow it down, it becomes the most entrancing and sleep-inducing sounds you’ll ever hear.

The thumping drums, slowed down over 800 times, soon turn to ocean sounds, and the odd discernable moments of Bush’s vocal act like sirenic calls from the land of slumber. It all combines to make this version of ‘Running Up That Hill’ the most perfect sleep aid ever.

So, if you’re struggling to find the exact level of white noise on your sleep app, or you’re sick of hearing Bob Ross talk about brushstrokes as you drift off, then let a blast from the past help you to fall asleep in this modern age. This version of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ is guaranteed to make you sleep.