We’re digging deep into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you a very special performance from two of the institutions of British music. Watch as Kate Bush and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour join forces for a performance of ‘Running Up That Hill’.

Kate Bush one of the leading lights of the British music scene has only really toured twice in her career and one of them was a residency in London. It makes every live performance she ever conducted feel like gold dust.

The singer experienced an almost non-existent touring life after her 1979 tour ‘The Tour Of Life’, which saw Bush travel to 28 different shows across Europe. It would take 35 years for Bush to go on another run of shows, this time at her 22-night London residency with ‘Before The Dawn’. It meant that on the few occasions Bush did perform, even for one song, it was big news.

One such occasion, and the most momentous, saw Bush arrive at the 1987 Secret Policeman’s Third Ball where she delivered a spellbinding performance of ‘Running Up That Hill’ with ample support of Pink Floyd’s iconic founder, David Gilmour. The pair have experienced a long and fruitful relationship after Gilmour basically discovered the young talent of Bush and helped her forge her career.

Gilmour would also drag Bush out of her retreat to perform in a series of concerts at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Bush came onstage to perform the Roger Waters vocal parts from Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ and delivered an equally captivating performance. But in 1987 it was a bit different.

In 1987, Bush was at her commercial peak in Britain, the star had gone from strength to strength creatively and had hit after hit, as she engaged with the whimsical and literary minds of the British public. It meant that though the evening included acts such as Duran Duran, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne, Erasure and a host of huge comedy acts of the time – Kate Bush was still the headliner.

Kate Bush would not disappoint. Alongside David Gilmour, Bush delivers a quite astounding performance of the 1985 Hounds of Love hit. You can watch that very moment below.


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