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Kasabian - Bumblebee


A few weeks ago Leicester lads Kasabian gave us a taste of their new album in the form of ‘Eez-eh’ – which at first glance hinted at a return to that old experimental electronica we’ve come to love.

Upon closer inspection however many were left begging the question ‘do these boys still have it?’ – Although catchy, this attempt at calling out the problems of the dogmatic principles of our society, with references to the horse meat scandal and Google’s voyeuristic nature, made it on whole more cringey than catchy – maybe they’re being ironic, mmm who knows?

So what next? On Monday Kasabian released to the world their fifth studio album, with this we were waiting and praying that ‘Eez-eh’ was just a blip – we can confirm it was.

When speaking about 48:13 Tom and Serge have told us ‘this is our time now’ and today’s Track of the Day: ‘Bumblebee’ wastes no time in slapping us round the face so we can see why.

In true Kasabian style ‘Bumblebee’ is heavy on the bass – an absolute skull rattler in fact. This track is screaming get off this album and straight in to their live set, we suspect this was the intention from the beginning – Worthy Farm get ready to move!

This gutsy synth-driven slogger is a balls to the wall reminder of what Kasabian do best and if there was ever a perfect teaser for a band that were about to embark on a run of summer shows and festivals including a homecoming gig at Victoria Park in Leicester and a headline slot at Glasto, ‘Bumblebee’ is it.

Will De Nardo