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(Credit: Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra)


Kanye West has been officially removed from the presidential ballot in Virginia


Kanye West has officially been removed from the presidential ballot in Virginia.

The enigma’s campaign to run for US president has been turbulent, to say the least, and the latest roadblock is a judge in Virginia’s Richmond Circuit Court removing West from the state’s ballot.

Last week it was reported that a lawsuit was filed by a number of Democrats in Virginia, who claimed that West used invalid electors in order to get on the presidential ballot in the state — which has now been concurred with a lawsuit that says 11 of West’s 13 electors in Virginia “were obtained by improper, fraudulent and/or misleading means”.

This comes after two signed affidavits were submitted to the State Board of Elections by voters who claim they were fraudulently deceived into signing up to serve as electors for West to get on the Virginia ballot and also another woman also alleged that she was asked to give a vote for West under false pretences.

The rapper has already been banned from running as a candidate in both Wisconsin and Wyoming due to submitting late paperwork and signatures. He is also not on the ballots in Ohio as well as his home state of Illinois.

It was recently revealed also that Kanye West has been sued by video e-commerce company MyChannel. The company alleges that the presidential candidate promised to invest $10 million into their company which he then didn’t proceed with but, according to the company, West went ahead and allegedly copied their video technology.

In a report that has been obtained by SPIN, MyChannel state that in their initial agreement with West, their service would provide “tens of thousands of hours in investment in Yeezy (West’s clothing brand).”