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(Credit: Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra)


Kanye West is being sued for alleged copyright infringement


Kanye West has been sued by video e-commerce company MyChannel. The company alleges that the presidential candidate promised to invest $10 million into their company which he then didn’t proceed with but, according to the company, West went ahead and allegedly copied their video technology.

In a report that has been obtained by SPIN, MyChannel state that in their initial agreement with West, their service would provide “tens of thousands of hours in investment in Yeezy (West’s clothing brand).”

Despite working for Yeezy for six months, the company claims it was never paid for the over $7 million worth of work they provided West with.

The report then goes on to allege that in June 2018, West promised to make a $10 million investment in MyChannel which he then didn’t do. They claim that the rapper “reneged on his promises seemingly on a whim and walked away from the successful partnership while misappropriating MYC’s trade secrets.”

MyChannel alleges that West went against the NDA he signed with the company by building similar technology which he created without compensating them for.

They allegedly discovered West was using a version of their video technology to sell merch in his Sunday Service videos last year.

The technology company are seeking damages to be determined at trial by jury.