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(Credit: Filmwahi)


Jungle share new single 'All of the Time'

Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, better known as the electronic duo Jungle, have released one final preview ahead of the release of their latest LP Loving In Stereo with the single ‘All of the Time’.

“‘All Of The Time’ explores loss and spirituality, the passing of time and the feeling of growing apart from someone close to you,” the duo explain in a press release. “These themes are juxtaposed with the euphoric nature of the track which sonically challenges you to accept and grow through positivity in body and soul.”

Not to brag or anything, but we’ve been all over the release of Loving In Stereo from the start. We were there when they first returned with the album announcement and the release of ‘Keep Moving’ along with it.

Every time the duo released a new single, you can bet we covered it. ‘Talk About It’? You know it. ‘Romeo’ with special guest Bas? All over it. ‘Truth’? Without a doubt. Just as we were once known as a Wolf Alice fanboy site, so too are we turning into a Jungle-centric zine. That’s cool, though, because these guys are worth it.

We also spoke to Lloyd-Watson and McFarland a few months ago about the inspiration behind the new album and taking back their identity as a band. The two are insightful and highly ambitious, and we’ve been hotly anticipating the release of Loving In Stereo for a while now. The wait is almost over, and ‘All of the Time’ is the perfect but of holdover until Friday finally rolls around.

Check out the video for ‘All of the Time’ down below. Loving In Stereo will be released this Friday, August 13.