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(Credit: J Lloyd)


Jungle member J Lloyd shares the pulsating new song 'Apocalypse/If I Fall Under'


J Lloyd, who is one half of the duo behind British group Jungle, has shared new captivating tracks which blend together ‘Apocalypse/ If I Fall Under’ and is taken from his brand new mixtape Kosmos. It arrives as Far Out’s ‘Track of the Day’.

The mixtape, which is also released today, was produced and recorded over a 72-hour period in early April 2020 by Lloyd who put his time in lockdown to great use with this beautiful piece of music which blends each track into each other being the result that showcases there is no end to the versatile talents of J Lloyd.

Kosmos takes the listener on an introspective journey into the mind of J Lloyd who has not only been the co-producer and writer for Jungle’s two critically acclaimed neu-soul albums, but he has also lent his hand on tracks by Nao and Aluna and offered up a gorgeous remix of Lianne La Havas’ ‘Unstoppable’.

Listen to ‘Apocalypse/ If I Fall Under’ below and check out the tracklisting for the mixtape.

Kosmos tracklist:

  1. ‘Intro’
  2. ‘God Forgiving Souls’
  3. ‘Apocalypse’
  4. ‘If I Fall Under’
  5. ‘Trouble’
  6. ‘The Way I Feel About You’
  7. ‘Turn Into The Fire’
  8. ‘I’ve Been Dreaming Of’
  9. ‘Goodbye From Mother Earth’
  10. ‘Crushed In’
  11. ‘Call Me When You Need Me’
  12. ‘Glorious’
  13. ‘Interlude’
  14. ‘Baby’
  15. ‘You Work Too Hard’
  16. ‘Strange Times’
  17. ‘Life Is On The Lawn’
  18. ‘Mystère’
  19. ‘Let Me Be Your Hero’
  20. ‘How Far ???’
  21. ‘I Just Want To Love Her’
  22. ‘Gotta Work Harder’
  23. ‘Feelin’ Good’
  24. ‘It’s No Wonder’
  25. ‘Stay Home With Me’