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(Credit: Julian Lennon)


Julian Lennon to sell Beatles memorabilia as NFTs


Just when you think it’s safe to go back online, they have to hit you where it really hurts. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we are now in full bloom with the NFT craze. Every seven seconds, you or someone you love is either buying or selling a pointless NFT. And sadly, this idiotic trend is now getting mixed up with the most beloved band of all time.

That’s because Julian Lennon, famous first son of John Lennon, is auctioning off NFTs including song notes, clothing, and guitars gifted to Lennon from his father and his father’s bandmates in The Beatles.

“As an artist, I have great respect for all that my father accomplished in his career,” Lennon claims in a press release. “As a son, I hold dear the good memories I have of my time with him. I feel incredibly lucky to live in a day and age where innovation allows me to share such personal pieces of my Lennon family history. Through this NFT collection, I’m able to grant exclusive access to special items that I cherish and carry on the legacy of my father in a new way,” he added.

Apparently, it’s in the Lennon blood to peddle non-fungible tokens for things that no sane person would ever spend money on. Sean Lennon, Julian’s half-brother and son of Yoko Ono, has also gotten into the NFT game. The good news is that Sean has stayed away from pilfering the grave of his beloved father and stayed in the standard “butt-ugly art work” section of NFT-dom.

But not Julian, whose historic and long lasting resentment towards his father gets occasionally media-corrected with stunts like this. In case you’re not as up to date on this kind of thing, if you end up winning the auction for any of the items in the sale, you don’t actually get those items. You get an audio/visual file with a narration from Lennon related to that item. That item is exclusive to you, but it’s little more than a Cameo video.

So is this at least for a good cause? Kind of: a portion of the sales will end up going towards the White Feather Foundation, Lennon’s charity for environmental and humanitarian work. But the keyword is a “portion” since it appears Lennon will be pocketing most of the money himself. It’s also ironic that a charity dedicated to preserving the environment is working with NFTs, which are terrible for the environment. The press release tried to wave this away with talk of “’Second Layer’ and ‘proof of stake,'” which allegedly “does not have the energy consumption of first layer Ethereum networks used by many providers”.

It’s all enough to make you feel positively icky. Oh yeah, the items that are up for sale! I almost forgot about them (probably because the items themselves aren’t actually up for sale). There’s an original handwritten note sheet for the arrangement of ‘Hey Jude’, written by Paul McCartney; an Afghan coat worn by John Lennon in the Magical Mystery Tour film that he also wore at the release party for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band; a couple of guitars; and a black cape worn by John Lennon in the film Help!.

If you’re interested in being the exclusive owner of a Hallmark Gift Card NFT for some exclusive Beatles swag, you can register to bid at The auction closes on February 7th.