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(Credit: Julian Casablancas)


Julian Casablancas on Will Smith: "Just retire for the sake of overall movie quality"


Everybody knows what happened at the 2022 Oscars ceremony. After making a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock recieved a swift slap across the face and some choice words from Will Smith.

Although there have been plenty of developments to the story after the events occurred, including Smith’s speech and formal apology and his receipt of the award that same evening in the Best Actor category, it seems that famous faces of all kinds have been chiming in with their hot takes on the matter.

Julian Casablancas of The Strokes happens to be the latest to break his opinion on the debate at hand. The musician took to Instagram to let his followers know that Will Smith is a bad actor and that people should have stood up for Chris Rock more.

“I’m bummed no one stood up for Chris Rock in the moment and after, Will Smith shoulda tried to stand up to Eminem and Dr Dre [the] same way, Casablancas said in a post on social media. “Isn’t it Chris Rock job’s (!?) to make fun of people in the audience, very weird. Congratulation to Will Smith for bringing a MILLION times more attention to his wife’s embarrassing thing that no one woulda known about otherwise. Will Smith has sucked (yet continued to be full of himself) since Independence Day”.

Casablancas goes on to say: “Of course actors and mega-celebrities defend their elk I guess…? (not all, I know – but still) I wish I was there to try and defend Chris Rock, idk maybe bad look cause I’m white or whatever but Chris Rock is kind of a slender dude and will smith trained for a boxing movie for a year so I feel that was just an act of bullying – trying to redeem his Tupac jealousy issues (?) under the guise of being some fake hero who needs anger management… he might need mental treatment, idk, or just retire for the sake of overall movie quality.”

Although his thoughts seem a bit disjointed, it’s clear that they come from a well-intentioned place.