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(Credit: Johann Rashid)


Julian Casablancas and The Voidz share new song 'Alien Crime Lord'

Julian Casablancas has shared a brand new song from his side-project The Voidz called, ‘Alien Crime Lord’.

The new track is the first release from the band since 2019 but doesn’t seem to be anything more than a stand-alone single. The Voidz created the song for The Strokes frontman’s very own radio station on The Cayo Perico Hotel update of the video game and Casablancas’ station has been named ‘Low Power Beach Radio’. The song is some shift from his work with The Strokes, as Casablancas gets to invest himself into the synth-heavy world of The Voidz fully.

“We wanted to make a song that sounded like Jean Claude Van Damme standing up on a speeding motorcycle while firing perfect bullets through the windshield of an oncoming nemesis, then finishing the job with a controlled flip over the top of the vehicle that ends in a maelstrom of denim and flames,” the band noted in a statement.

The Voidz have released two records, and the band seem to be the place where Casablancas fully gets to explore this side of himself, which doesn’t quite fit into the mould of The Strokes. It’s been two years since the side-project last shared a record when they shared 2018’s Virtue.

2020 has seen Casablancas realign his interests with The Strokes, who shared their sixth record The New Abnormal earlier this year. The album saw the New York heroes link up with legendary producer Rick Rubin to create their finest work since 2006 effort First Impressions Of Earth and Casablancas seems to be firing on all cylinders with both of his bands.

Listen to ‘Alien Crime Lord’, below.