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(Credit: Nick Mckk)


Julia Jacklin announces new album 'Pre Pleasure'

Julia Jacklin announces new album ‘Pre Pleasure’

Julia Jacklin is a rising voice in the world of alternative pop, issuing a new tune that embodies the proclivities of her daily environment, and ‘Lydia Wears A Cross’, the lead single from the newly announced album Pre Pleasure, flows with supreme confidence. The tune features the singer in euphoric mode, detailing the changes of the world around her.

“The song is about a lot of things but mainly being a seven-year-old Jesus Christ superstar fanatic attending catholic school trying to figure out which way is up,” Jacklin admitted. “The music video was filmed by my constant collaborator and friend Nick Mckk at Splitpoint lighthouse. I played a show close by recently and asked on stage if anyone could let me film inside. Someone in the crowd knew a guy and that was it. The rest was filmed in the streets of Northcote, Melbourne.”

Jacklin says that much of her life – whether it’s the fulfilment of sex, or the importance of the presence with good company – centres on her work in Pre Pleasure, her third album to date. ‘Lydia Wears A Cross’ exhibits the vocalist in the midst of great change and transformation, earmarking a new form of change in a world that remains fixated on the world at hand. It’s a deeply spiritual work, tinged with autobiography and angular ambition, determined to make do with the world at large.

Jacklin released her debut album Don’t Let the Kids Win in 2016, an album that embodied the density and despair of her personal narrative. 2018’s Crushing added pathos to the milieu, while Pre Pleasure gave the singer a chance to lighten up, and release her grasp on her personal and intellectual journey.

The single hints at a re-birth, bringing in spiritual imagery into the heart of the set, creating a newer, fresher outlet for the singer in question.
The album was recorded in Montreal with producer Marcus Paquin and features a wealth of Canadian musicians, such as bassist Ben Whiteley and guitarist Will Kidman. Arcade Fire mainstay Owen Pallett added orchestral flourishes, complete with an orchestra based in the Czech capital, Prague.

Stream the single, below.