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Julia Holter Remixes Boardwalk 'I'm To Blame'

Los Angeles based multi instrumentalist and all round eclectic composer, Julia Holter, has been plying her trade in a somewhat different manner as of late by remixing fellow compatriots and city peers Boardwalk’s lament to failed romance ‘I’m To Blame’.

Drawing on the original sentiment behind the song, Holter has rebuilt the anguished lullaby to a somewhat haunting effect by managing to maintain the frank, yet delicate, expression that runs through Amber Quintero’s and Mike Edge’s production.

Inspired by such, the pair have decided to release the stems (vocal, guitar, bass, farfisa … no drums) of the original on the Stones Throw Records site for free so we can all have a go at it. Completed remixes are to be submitted via the Boardwalk Soundcloud group… Well, what are you waiting for?

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